Welcome to Three-Fourths of an Ounce

February 27, 2014

Three-Fourths of an Ounce has been a long time coming.  There are notes on my computer, in notebooks, in drawers and filed neatly away that date back to before 2007.  Many people ask what precipitated the founding of this concept and I struggle to find a succinct and truthful answer. I can say that when… Read more »

Narrative Cards and Gift Enclosures

February 14, 2014

Three-Fourths of an Ounce was founded with the intention of creating a common language about modern mourning and commemoration by designing and producing beautiful objects, reintroducing forgotten traditions, and prompting the creation of wholly new practices. We plan to introduce an online magazine that will include interviews, memoirs and essays, excerpts from previously published works,… Read more »

American Widow Project

February 13, 2014

     “I didn’t want to go to a seminar and have somebody tell me how to cry or tell me what stage I was in.” I was introduced to the American Widow Project by my friend Kris Connell. The American Widow Project is a community of young military widows created and nurtured by Taryn Davis… Read more »

Weighing in at the End

January 15, 2014

This idea has lived inside of my head for so long that I started wondering if it would be there forever. Guess what? It isn’t! News of our launch is now available to the 1,865,318 digital and print subscribers to the NY Times. It is a dream come true to be in the Currents column… Read more »

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