Mourning Band, $750.00

Created in limited edition and crafted by hand, this traditional mourning ring is inscribed with HONOR in enamel on 18K gold.

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  • A mourning band is defined as a ring worn as a memorial to a person who has died. Much like the tradition of a wedding band that flourishes today, mourning bands played an important role in commemoration throughout history and were once a far-reaching tradition. Although the multi-faceted custom is not well known today, this strikingly simple and modern take on a mourning band is the first in an intended series of limited editions meant to revive a beautiful and meaningful practice.

    A mourning band holds deep significance worn by a single person, but is a powerful symbol of a shared experience when purchased in multiples and worn by siblings or cousins: a variation on the oldest incarnation of this tradition wherein rings were itemized in wills and bequeathed to loved ones.

    Speaking on the choice of the word HONOR, designer Gabriella Kiss said, “I came up with it because I liked the notion of a word that is not only of the past, but holds forth for the future, to honor the memory of a loved one, and honor what they stood for.”

    The 14K mourning band is created in a limited edition of twenty, inscribed with enamel on gold. It is available in three sizes: small (ring size 5), medium (ring size 7), and large (ring size 8 1/2).