Compassion Bracelet, $40.00

Tied around the wrist of a mourner, or anyone to whom you wish to show compassion, this string bracelet featuring a hand-carved fetish is a beautiful reminder of love and support.

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  • There is a long history of giving and wearing bracelets made from simple materials. The recipient of such a “friendship bracelet” will often wear it until and it falls off naturally, at which time, in many traditions, a wish or prayer would be granted. While worn, the bracelet holds the meaning of that wish, prayer or sentiment.

    Three-Fourths of an Ounce has now conceived of the Compassion Bracelet. Present it to a friend or family member who is grieving and let it act as a symbol of remembrance and a reminder of your support. The wearing out of the bracelet over the course of several months will correspond in many cases to the lessening of the most intense grief and the charm which remains will serve as a lasting reminder of the love of those still living.

    The acorn is a Victorian symbol of strength, a Nordic and Celtic symbol of immortality and is universally associated with the Tree of Life, limitless potential and strength.

    The Compassion Bracelet also makes a meaningful gift for anyone going through a difficult time. With its simple styling, it will be a welcome, but subtle reminder of your friendship and comfort.

    Crafted from pure cotton string with a hand-carved, sustainably sourced horn or bone acorn, this bracelet is a beautiful reminder that you have support in your time of grief.