Narrative Cards and Gift Enclosures

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Three-Fourths of an Ounce was founded with the intention to create a common language about modern mourning and commemoration by designing and producing beautiful objects, reintroducing forgotten traditions, and prompting the creation of wholly new practices. Later this year we plan to introduce an online magazine that will include interviews, memoirs and essays, excerpts from previously published works, and photo essays. Taken together, we hope this collection will encourage a new generation to bring to the act of mourning the same innovation and creativity that has revolutionized celebrations surrounding births and marriage.

When shipped from our small warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, each object comes packaged in a custom made felt pouch, drawstring bag or folio and includes a narrative card.  Each narrative card delves briefly into the history of the creation of the object and, when possible, touches upon underlying traditions. In many cases it also provides instruction or a description of the intention behind the object. Some of the information found on the narrative card can be found on the product page on the web site but other information is unique.  We have written them with the foreknowledge that some recipients will be introduced to the concept and product when it arrives via UPS while others will have spent considerable time on the website browsing.  We think it works  and is an elegant addition to the object in both instances.


Each package also includes one of three gift enclosure cards which we created exclusively for this purpose.  They will include a hand-written custom message or will be sent blank.  Each card features a contemporary, stylized botanical drawing and a single line of text which describes the Victorian meaning associated with the featured flora.

I hope you will agree that these elements of the package create a deeper sense of meaning that the objects alone could.

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